Team Performance

During our years of working with teams we have found that each one is unique, so our approach needs to be designed with that in mind. We have also found the following to be true of most groups:

1. Team members must act as or be willing to become leaders;
2. Teams today find themselves in constant transition;
3. There is less time to develop relationships between team members because of that transition;
4. There is increased focus on execution and results.

Developing leadership groups into high-performing teams requires focus on group dynamics, interpersonal relationships and strategic alignment. Our team performance process begins with a thorough assessment of the existing group dynamics and strengths. Next, we custom design a series of team performance experiences to assist the group and its leader in meeting team performance goals. These experiences conclude with team action planning and commitment setting designed to enhance continued performance improvement. This process is ideal for new teams wishing to “hit the ground running” and for intact teams who want to achieve the next level of performance.

We have found our approach to be successful with teams that have had a change in membership and need to improve the level of trust and accountability within the group.

“The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of the people in his or her organization is going to blow the competition away.” (Walter Wriston, former Citibank CEO)