Executive Development and Coaching

We view executive coaching as an integral part of the executive development process. Executive coaching is a valuable one-on–one experience designed to assist the client in further developing his or her individual style and competencies, ultimately leading to enhanced business results and organizational performance.

Unlike therapy or consultation, coaching relies on a client-centered relationship, recognizing that the client already possesses the innate expertise, understanding of the organization and motivation required to achieve success. The coach’s role is not to know the organization better than the client, but to help the client channel his or her knowledge into improved leadership performance by providing ongoing clarity, challenges, focus and support over the course of his or her development.

Our executive coaching process includes three major components:

1. An assessment process that helps the executive understand and develop his or her individual preferences, attitudes and competencies. The assessment process builds the foundation for the executive and coach to develop a plan that will enable the executive to rediscover their personal strengths and opportunities for improvement.

The assessment process may include:

  • A 360 degree feedback interview;
  • Leadership style assessment instruments;
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire.

2. Coaching sessions that focus on leadership competence development and the achievement of individualized leadership goals that positively impact organizational performance. The executive will also receive a coaching plan supplemented by information that includes specific reading materials, skill building exercises and tools that can be utilized immediately.

3. Follow-up assistance, including monitoring key success factors and developing strategies to ensure on-going improvement.

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