Our Expertise

With thirty plus years of experience working with and within organizations, TK Associates continues to refine its list of services to align with the desire to remain relevant, current and effective. We have collaborated with different industries on a national level, and utilize that experience to strengthen our expertise for every client and project.

Executive Development
We identify individual strengths and leverage those strengths to increase leadership effectiveness.

Leadership On-Boarding
Our role is to help the executive make a successful transition to a new role, organization or both.

Succession Planning
A critical piece of consistent organizational success that focuses on retention and selection strategies.

Strategic Planning
We believe that it is a leader’s responsibility to understand where he or she is going and how he or she is going to get there.

Team Performance
Everyone on the leadership team needs to be an effective leader and valuable colleague.

Organizational Culture Assessment
Our familiarity with and understanding of organizational culture is key to our assessment process. It provides the organization’s leaders with the current picture of their culture, values and communication effectiveness.

Leadership Development
We work with you to create a leadership development curriculum that meets the client’s identified goals.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” (George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright)