Our Team

Dr. William Kent
William P. Kent is a principal with TK Associates. As a consultant, Dr. Kent utilizes his professional experience as a clinician and an executive in senior management positions, including that of chief executive officer, to improve the performances of leaders and organizations. He has worked with and within nonprofit and for-profit organizations for over thirty years, including industries such as healthcare, financial services and banking, manufacturing, consulting and hospitality.

Dr. Kent specializes in organizational development, including the subcategories of executive coaching and leadership strategy. His expertise encompasses transition management, organizational culture assessments, strategic planning, strategic thinking, executive team performance, on- boarding of executives and the identification of leadership competencies needed for specific roles. His expertise includes improving the execution of strategies in regards to Board development and alignment, mergers and acquisitions and leadership transition.

Dr. Kent is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where he earned his doctorate in public administration. His dissertation focused on organizational mergers and acquisitions, specifically their impact on employee and organizational performance. He also received his Master of Science in clinical psychology from Washington State University and his Bachelor of Science in psychology from Regis University in Colorado.

In addition to his professional and academic achievements, Dr. Kent was a partner in the Morgan Executive Development Institute until its acquisition by Navvis Consulting in January of 2011. He founded TK Associates with his colleague Zane Todd in 1999.

Zane Todd, MPH
Zane Todd is a former principal and an original founding partner of TK Associates. He was a prominent figure within the healthcare industry for over 25 years, beginning as a clinical psychologist-therapist and later moving into leadership positions such as senior vice president of strategic planning and development and chief executive officer.

Mr. Todd consulted in partnership with Arthur Anderson, where he assisted Fortune 500 clients in leadership and team alignment related to mergers and acquisitions. He has since retired to St Helena, California, where he is enjoying life close to the vineyards.

TK Associates has the experience and the capability to identify and engage professional consultants for any projects that require additional resources. We are proud to work with industry leaders on a local, regional and national level, each of whom have proven expertise in a variety of areas and enable us to increase our capacity without raising costs. Thanks to these valuable collaborations, our clients benefit from the services of a large consultancy while forgoing the overhead.

“The business of leaders, of heroes is tricky. Leadership is not something that is done to people, like fixing your teeth. Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” (Bill Bradley, U.S. Senator)